The Art of Asking Your Boss for a Raise

Friday 1 to Friday 8, October 2021 

Text by: Georges Perec

Adapted to the stage by: Yosi Wanunu

A co-production with Brut

A long-suffering employee in a big corporation has summoned up the courage to ask for a raise. But as he/she runs through the looming encounter in his/her mind, his/her neuroses come to the surface: What is the best day to see the boss? What if he/she doesn’t offer you a seat when you go into his office? What if…? And another: What if…? 

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The Art of Asking Your Boss for a Raise is part of the real fiction cycle 

The adventure of Yoli Balulu and his gang of misfits


What’s your story?

November 2021

Yoli Balulu is not doing well at all.

At the start of the adventure, we find the protagonist Balulu in the midst of an existential crisis, crushed by self-doubt and confined to his Viennese apartment, due to the corona lockdown, where he subsists on a diet of Netflix, YouTube, and soft-core Russian Marxists porn starring ex-Soviet gymnasts who go by the name Putin Brothers and Sisters.

His successes as a director, in projects both comedic and dramatic, are distant objects in the rearview mirror, and now he is fixated on his own inevitable demise and the eventual end of the universe.

So begins a satirical adventure in which Balulu plumbs the chasms of

Europe and America self-obsessed culture. While he searches for meaning in his life and career, this Balulu is also trying to reinvade himself as the leader of a new social movement, he is starting, called: The Mask.


Online classes (Filmed in May 2020)

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