X Wohnungen/X Apartments

X Wohnungen / X Apartments is a site-specific project that follows two unique guided tours through the „Stuwerviertel“, part of the 2nd district (Leopoldstadt) in Vienna. Each tour consists of seven performances, events or installations that inhabit and respond to a series of private flats.
A variety of artists including performers, directors, dancers and architects collaborate with the occupants of each apartment to examine the every-day life of the Stuwerviertel, and piece together the narratives and biographies that can be found there.
The audience embarks on a parcours, which leads spectators from one venue to another. They travel in pairs and stay for 10 minutes in each flat, before leaving to the next.
The journey between the venues becomes part of the game, in which the audience’s perception of the architecture and their immediate urban environment is constantly shifting. Each 10-minute encounter introduces a new narrative to the journey that redefines an increasingly complex and personal relationship to the site. The boundaries between private and public, familiar and foreign, reality and production, are blurred.

Participants: Iris, Nitai und Kamala Jucies, Michael Strohmann, Eva Wolfesberger and Yosi Wanunu
Production dates: Sep 24 – 27, 2009, brut Vienna – Stuwerviertel/Mexikoplatz Vienna