Titus Andronicus 2

The character of Titus is the center of the events unfold. The events that led to the cooking scene (murder, rape, hand chopping etc.) and the blood bath after it forms the course of the action revealing its political and personal implications. The scenes we select therefore are mainly the action and the counter action scenes – you did it to me I’ll do more to you I’ll do even more to you and so on. Starting and reference point is act V/scene 2 – Titus is preparing Chiron and Demetrius as the main course of tonight’s special dinner.

Performed by Daniel Aschwanden, Irene Coticchio, David Jeker, Claribel Koss, Christian Polster, Alexandra Sommerfeld, Tony Torn, Veronika Zott
Music by Michael Strohmann
by William Shakespeare
Directed and designed by Yosi Wanunu
Produced by Kornelia Kilga

(Co-production with Bilderwerfer)

Production dates: Sep 26 – 28 and Oct 3 – 5, 2002, dietheater Künstlerhaus, Vienna