Drive In

(A film scene)

An audience member is invited into a black Mercedes-Benz…She or he are extras in a film…the main actress sits with them in the back seat…after some light makeup and few instructions, shooting starts…action…They take a ride around the streets of an imaginary city…a laptop is given to the extra… She or he are asked to play a film…The movie shows a loop of various car scenes from Italian movies including breakups, separations, tearjerkers, little dramas and the occasional death…Life inside a car seems to be a miserable experience…The main actress reenacts the scenes from the laptop movie simultaneously, verging off the original films and creating a concert of melodramatic sounds…handkerchiefs required…Cut!

Performer: Irene Coticchio
Driver: Yosi Wanunu

Performance dates: Sep 26 – Oc 5, 2008, brut Vienna