Dolly in Wonderland

A Lecture Demonstration

A series of “scientific experiments”. Three performers are conducting live operations on props, puppets, dead animals, on themselves and on each other’s bodies. Biotechnology, genetic engineering and the hysteria, fiction, real facts and the myth that surrounds these topics are put on the operating table. Dolly in Wonderland is more a deconstruction than a demonstration. It is a presentation that doubts itself and its own objectivity. Science like theatre is a subjective process.

Performed by Irene Coticchio, Sabina Holzer, Michaela Hurdes-Galli, Mirca Preissler
Music by Michael Strohmann and Joe Linschinger
Directed and designed by Yosi Wanunu
Produced by Kornelia Kilga
(Co-production with dasT.A.T.R., Cooperation with Bilderwerfer and Theater ohne Grenzen)

Productiion dates: March 1 – 10, 2001 dietheater Konzerthaus, Vienna and April 6 – 8 Lot Theater Brauschnweig