Kongs, Blondes, Tall Buildings

One day, out of nowhere, he appeared. Like the ghost of Hamlet’s father…he wanted another shot at movie stardom… but this time he wanted it his way, his story, the way he saw things… he knew he was still a bankable star, his name can still draw audience and the big money… but what he wanted is a new take on the story, a fresh look… and he wanted a full control of the script… he will star, write and produce his own story, his film… the story of the franchise Kong…

Cast: Irene Coticchio, Anna Mendelssohn, Michael Strohmann, Clélia Colonna, Yosi Wanunu, Lisbeth N. Trallori, Gerhard Baumgartner, Scott Wolf, Alfred Dorfer, Nasrine Seraji, Karl Wagner, Felix de Mendelssohn, Elena Cooke, Nelly Gschwandtner, Miki Malör, Ruth Ranacher, Claribel Koss
Cinematography: TimTom
Sound and Editing: Michael Strohmann
Special Effects: Philipp Luftensteiner
Music: Martin Siewert
Objects: Johannes Hoffmann, Robin Molenaar, Yvonne Krisch
Kong Costume: Erika Reimer
Developed and conceived by Wanunu/Coticchio/Mendelssohn/Strohmann/Colonna
Directed by Yosi Wanunu
Produced by Kornelia Kilga

Production dates: Dec 12 – 21, 2007, brut Künstlerhaus, Vienna