Happiness Ltd.

7 – 12 Dezember 2022 20 Uhr
WUK Projektraum
Tickets: www.wuk.at

Tonight we would like you to come happy. We would like you to drink something special, or eat some delicious food before you arrive at our performance. Put on some fancy clothes or something you really like to wear when you go to the theatre. Look at the mirror and smile the most stupid smile you can produce and then try to freeze this unintelligent twinkle and bring it with your face to the theatre. When the performance starts keep the smile and mumble to yourself constantly “Oops, I’m Trapped, this show doesn’t make me happy, Oops I’m Trapped.” If you follow our instructions you have nothing to worry about. The show Happiness inc. will not succeed in erasing the happiness you came with from home. The show will not delete the memories of the drinks and food you consume. Keep up the smile and it will make you feel like you enjoy the show, although we know you are trapped, Oops.