Bed behaviour

Bed behaviour By now the set-up is familiar. One double bed, one British man, one Japanese woman, two under the same blanket give peace a chance. It became the blue print of peaceful demonstrations masquerading as performance. Is it still working? Can we stay in bed and change the world? Can we start the new …

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The Art of Complaining

  The Art of Complaining or Coffee with Bruno Kreisky Coffee with Bruno Kreisky engages the public with the sport Austria is mostly associated with – the Art of Complaining. Over coffee and cake, Kreisky lashes out against real and imaginary enemies; from Israeli jews to conservative economists, from Jorg Haider to Simon Wiesenthal. He …

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Life of the Party

  Life of the Party Think of it as a journey through parties, life time parties. The party man, think of him as Zelig, keeps showing off in party after party unannounced and with no invitation. With his stories, dance moves and the ability to inflict everyone around him with good mood, he becomes the …

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Dry Psycho

Dry Psycho A reenactment Two members of the public re-enact the famous shower scene from Hitchcock’s Psycho. The reenactment takes place in a hotel room but before they get into the shower they play a short homage to Kubrick’s The Shining in one of the hotel’s hallways. The scene: After calculating how she can repay …

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Collapsonomics An opera   read the libretto English original version. (the libretto in German) Collapsonomics set Collapsonomics press photos The background: Can government fix a broken economy? Two great economists disagreed eighty years ago, and their debate dominates politics to this day. As we consider all of the great economic and financial issues facing the …

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The Art of War

  The Art of War A lecture demonstration Ladies and gentlemen the party is over, over! Even if it will take 20, 30 years for it to finish, dissolved, liquefy, disintegrate, evaporate, melt away, dwindle, fade, end…It is over…And you better be prepared…The slow train of disasters is coming your way, and it will rack …

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My dinner with toxic dreams

“My dinner with toxic dreams” will serve as the closing chapter of our ongoing theatre cycle. The idea is to finish with an intimate dinner with a small number of audience/participants in a non theatrical setting. Using the structure of the film we will conduct a dinner/talk around our finding concerning the theatre cycle; but also talk about our personal journey and our take on theatre today.

Mein Camp

Mein Camp A Lecture Demonstration “I want to be one of the boys. A regular guy” (Bing Crosby in the Road to Singapore) The fear of homosexuality drives many cultural representations of masculinity; positive masculine identification is so hysterically tied up with an obsession with not being homosexual that – rather like the ultimate conundrum …

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