The Dead Class

    The Dead Class     The Dead Class is an anti-musical about anti-heroes. It is built around a rogue’s gallery of infamous young men who killed Their classmates, their peers, their teachers, and any bystander that stood in their way. But we don’t use their names or their stories. We are interested in …

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Real Fiction

Real Fiction    One of the first things rejected by the theatrical avant-garde as part of the oppressive nature of literary or bourgeois realism was dialogue. The side effect was, of course, the demise of the classical story structure. This attitude was true in the 60s, and it is true of much of performance art …

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Limonov  A Portrait of a Poet as a Rightwing Leader May 12 – 14 and May 16 – 18, 2018, TAG Theater, Vienna. A portrait of the punk, the Russian Forrest Gump, the poet, the professional revolutionary, the ultra-nationalist party leader. Limonov is the true story of the decline and fall of a man who once …

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