The 100 % Environmentally Friendly Show

Greeting, visitors and welcome to the Galaxy Amusement Laboratory. Our facilities feature more than 70 large size models of past and present planets in our night sky. We take our visitors through space and time to experience the life and death of planets. We explore new and old celestial mysteries, and together discover the fascinating, unfolding story that connects us all to the stars.
Today, you choose to experience the story of Planet Earth. A small and insignificant star, but nevertheless an important planet with a relevant story to tell. Galaxy Amusement Laboratory proudly presents: The journey, the myth, the story of life on Earth.

Somewhere around the end of the 21 century, when they knew it was all over, the people of Planet Earth sent a spaceship into the atmosphere containing all their scientific and cultural heritage. They wanted to tell their story. Everything we know about them came from there.

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Performers: Irene Coticchio, Anna Mendelssohn, Laia Fabre, Agnieszka Dmochowska, Claribel Koss
Guest: Harold Otto
Video + Sound: Michael Strohmann
Set: Yosi Wanunu and Mayasari Feradina Zoesmar
Advisor Plants: Michael Raab
Written and directed by Yosi Wanunu
Produced by Kornelia Kilga

Ecological Expertise: Karlheinz Erb, Raffael Hickisch (Institute of Social Ecology/University of Klagenfurt)