Valie Export’s Understudy

A Reformulation of “Restringierter Code”

A cover version of a performance/video by Valie Export from 1979.

The performance took place in Kubus EXPORT – a transparent space located on Vien
na’s Gürtel, on Jan 13+14, 2011.

Valie Export’s description of her performance:
Technology/material: a person in evening dress in a cage made out of battery-charged electric wires, a small child in a cot, a bird in a transparent glass cage, a seven-month-old dog in a transparent glass cage, a hamster in a transparent glass cage, a meal for the people. Table, chair, cutlery, glass, wine, food for the animals. Two video cameras, six monitors, a switch, microphone, loudspeakers.

(to read more of Valie Export description go to text in German)

Description of our cover version:
Technology/material: a person in a dark suit sits on a dolly-track and can be moved forward and backward, a sixty three years old man from Tehran sits inside a crib, two fishes in a transparent fish tank, a trained dog on a small round carpet. Two video cameras, one underwater camera, four large monitors – split screen, one preview monitor, microphones, loudspeakers. Light bulbs around the inside glass frames.
Performers: Yosi Wanunu, Bahram Parsa, Michael Strohmann

Valie Export’s Understudy – installation/performance plan:
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here are some images from the cube installation: