In the last few years we’ve been working with kids/young adults on what one can term: ‘the creative impulse’; which mean, we put the working on one’s craft as a secondary practice, optioning first to challenge kids/young adults to find their own voice. We work with the assumption that before a kid/young adult learns how to act, shot a video or a edit a clip, he or she has to have something to say. Something that it is truly theirs; not a copy of the art they consume, or a ‘text’ that was fed to them by well meaning adults. We don’t discount craft; we just found out that if a kid/young adult finds his or her story/voice, they will find the way to realize it. Too many kids/young adults know how to use a camera; the story they tell are copies of the films, TV show, video games, they see day in and out. The same can be said in regard to kids/young adults acting, too often it looks like just another version of the adult stages or performances. So, instead of working on a show as an end product, we spend the time creating many “shows’ on a daily basis. We call it the story factory; which mean, to us, a constant production of stories, ideas, abstract thoughts, movements and talks with not so much emphasis on the ‘how’. In the end of the process, the body of materials we generate is immense; be it, stories, theatre scenes, interviews, video clips, dances and talks. We, the adult, are their to ser

e the creative impulses of the participants, it is their job to come up with the ‘stories’.
GOO is part of the statewide theater project Macht/schule/theater, initiated by the Austrian ministery for education, art and culture, Kulturkontakt Austria and Dschungel Wien.
For past examples of our work with kids/young adults see Winter Academy.