You toxic tube/dance

Learn how to dance without all the artsy crap.

In 2008 we learned how to act without all the artsy crap; which meant we taped into the net and watched all the “how to act” clips and proceeded to copy them, applying their acting techniques to the best of our abilities.
Now it is time to dance…
Our only learning source will be the net and the endless how to “dance instruction clips”, and “ask the expert” sites. Its simple, we surf, we watch, we copy, we dance…no workshops, no classical training, no Western European performance technique, just good old fashion dancing advices from the World Wide Web.
We will concentrate, mainly, on the most popular dance videos on the net. Dances by people who dance at home and film themselves via web cams or other relatively inexpensive recording devices. The only rule we will abide by: no professional dancing instruction videos.
Our dances will be put back in the net with links to their respective references.
We hope that some viewers will join us dancing.

Participants: Michael Strohmann, Anna Mendelssohn, Yosi Wanunu
Production dates: Oct 10, 2009 Tanzquartier Vienna and Nov 19, 2009 Spanish Fighters Ljubjana