Meet the Composer

We asked four composers to compose short compositions without any show or presentation in mind. In the same time we prepared four performances/actions without any music in mind.
The compositions and the performances were put together only during the showing and we kept changing the order of playing to avoid establishing a score (the same action with the same music). In short, every night we played it new. The room is essentially a large theatre room divided to four areas and used in its entirety on all directions and levels.

Composers: Michael Strohmann, Mathias Gmachl, Josef Linschinger, Günther Rabl
Performers: Irene Coticchio, Anna Mendelssohn, Elisabeth Löffler, Daniel Aschwanden, Christian Felber
Set/Rooms: Yosi Wanunu, Johannes Hoffmann
Directed by Yosi Wanunu
Produced by Kornelia Kilga

Production dates: Aug 26 – Sep 4, 2004, dietheater Künstlerhaus Vienna