The Milosevics

All in the Family

The text for “The Milosevics” is an exact transcript of telephone conversations among members of the Milosevic family that were recorded in 1997 by Croatian intelligence agents and released in January 2002 to Globus, a weekly newspaper in Zagreb. These conversations are staged in a way a TV sitcom is working. There is the title song followed by a series of short scenes that are loosely connected to each other by a vague topic. Few theme songs were written for The Milosevics and are sung by the performers in the “studio” of the Lonesome Andi Haller Band.

Performers: Irene Coticchio, Elisabeth Prohaska, Michaela Galli, Almuth Mölk, Daniel Aschwanden
Music by Lonesome Andi Haller Band
Set by Johannes Hoffmann, Maria Klupp Stephan Schwarz
Directed by Yosi Wanunu
Produced by Kornelia Kilga

Production dates: Nov 3 – 12, 2003, dietheater Künstlerhaus Vienna