If life is advancing at an amazing speed, why are we still learning about it the old-fashioned way? A day in a life of a building. The facade is cut so the audience can peep into the separate appartments. Short scenes are running separately and simultaneously. The spectators are zapping from one room to another. Little stories about sex (or the lack of it) and violence (real and imagined) are being told with no particular order or a coherent narrative. It is a mishmash of scenes put together by the accident of the moment.

Performed by Daniel Aschwanden, Christophe Dumalin, Michaela Galli, Philippa Galli, Katja Haller, Sabina Holzer, Elisabeth Löffler, Susanne Litschauer, Christian Polster, Elisabeth Prohaska, Edon Rizvanolli, Conny Scheuer, Sabine Schwenk, Martina Spitzer
Music by Lonesome Andi Haller Band
Written, directed and designed by Yosi Wanunu
Assistant director: Margit Moisl
Produced by Kornelia Kilga

Production dates: Oct 14 – 23, 1999, Kabelwerk Vienna